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Let Us Build Your Design

Looking for a contractor to build your plans? Winn is proud to bring architecture to life with our award-winning craftsmanship and systematized management approach.

In addition to executing our own plans, we have partnered with many nationally- and locally-accomplished architects and designers on an ongoing basis.

Working in a team-driven environment, we help ensure that projects fulfill the goals of both homeowners and architects.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with new partner architects in the future. If you have questions about having Winn produce your project, please contact us.

The sooner Winn joins the team on your projects, the better. Our organizational experience and attention to detail produce inspiring results that accommodate the realities of the site, structure, and budget.

The Build-Only Process

The process for Winn’s build-only projects differs from our typical design and building process during the early stages. Since more decision-makers are involved, the build-only process usually takes longer and requires more meetings.

Prior to building, we work through the following 4 phases with architects, designers, and clients.

1. Initial Consultation

We meet with the architect and the homeowner to discuss the current plans and the client’s goals for about 1 to 2 hours. After touring the home or building site, we review budget, timing, and feasibility concerns and draw up a proposal.

2. Conceptual Proposal

2 to 3 weeks after our initial consultation, we present our conceptual proposal based on the scope of work, plans, and specifications. Even if the architect’s drawings are incomplete, Winn can provide an estimate by drawing on unit costs and standards developed from similar projects.

The proposal includes:

  • Approximate order of construction
  • Project budget with a 10% cost range

3. Construction & Scheduling Retainer

If the client accepts the conceptual proposal, Winn next completes this retainer for 3% of the median conceptual price range. This amount applies to the construction contract when signed by the client.

The retainer agreement hires Winn to:

  • Add the build-only project to our construction schedule
  • Finish pricing the project
  • Involve trade contractors and suppliers
  • Complete construction documents
  • Obtain a building permit
  • Schedule regular meetings with all decision-makers

As soon as the client signs the agreement, Winn can commit the necessary time to plan and mobilize to build the project.


4. Construction Contract

Finally, Winn develops a fixed-price agreement to build the project. This document references the final set of architectural plans and includes:

  • Scope of work
  • Project specifications
  • Construction timeline
  • Payment schedule

From there, we proceed to the construction process, Phase 2 of our standard process.